The Graduale Choir


Gradualekór Langholtskirkju

The Graduale Choir is a youth choir for 12-18 years old girls. Conductor is Sunna Karen Einarsdóttir. The choir works with diverse repertoire, pop songs, contemporary music, early music and everything in between. The group is a part the Choir school of Langholtskirkja, founded 1991 by Jón Stefánsson. The main goal of the school is to train ensemble singing, music theory and singing technique.

The Graduale choir has sung in international competitions with good success and has been awarded several times. It has performed in many countries around Europe and Canada. Recent projects include a performance at Opera Days 2021, recording for Disney and a concert with one of Iceland’s most beloved pop icon, Ragga Gísla. The choir also regularly works with the Icelandic Symphony orchestra. Ahead for the choir are many exciting projects, for example a Christmas concert at Langholtskirkja and long-awaited travels abroad next spring.

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