About Opera Days

Reykjavik Opera Days 2020

Because of COVID, we've had to postpone our 2020 festival until the social situation will be more favourable. But instead of cancelling it altogether, we'll plan new dates for our events as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

General information about Reykjavik Opera Days

Reykjavik Opera Days is a fresh and growing festival that has gained considerable attention in the short time since it was held for the first time in 2016 as Kopavogur Opera Days. Moving to Reykjavik in 2018, it won the MUSIC FESTIVAL OF THE YEAR award at the Icelandic Music Awards in the following year.

Founded by passionate young singers, frustrated at the lack of an exciting grass root classical vocal/opera/music theatre scene in Reykjavík. From the beginning, they aimed to create a festival where there would be room for experiments, international collaboration, events for all age groups in unusual and usual places and spaces as well as a strong community focus. This is still the goal as well as creating new job opportunities for singers and their collaborators and facilitating expansion of their network by offering symposiums, workshop and other events connected to the genre and profession. 

Today, the festival has become a well known event in Icelandic cultural life and is gradually gaining more attention abroad. We encourage everyone interested in our festival to reach out to us and get in touch! See you a Reykjavik Opera Days!