Svanur Vilbergsson


Svanur Vilbergsson ranks among the most prominent classical guitar players of his generation. .

Past performances include recitals in Boston, Seattle, and Majorca. The Spanish composer Mateau

Malondra Flaquer has dedicated works to him and in 2014 he premiered alongside the Reykjavík

Chamber Orchestra a new guitar concerto written by the composer Oliver Kentish and dedicated to

him. In addition to his concerts throughout Europe and the USA, Svanur Vilbergsson continues to

perform on the most visible stages in his native country. He is a member of Stirni Ensemble and

The Icelandic Guitar Trio, both groups specializing in the performance of contemporary music. His

cd 'Four Works' was published in 2011 to great acclaim and includes works by Antonio José, Mauro

Giuliani, J. S. Bach and Giulio Regondi

Vilbergsson holds a Bachelor's degree from the Maastricht Conservatory (Holland), where he

studied guitar with Carlo Marchione and chamber music with cellist Alexander Petrasch and violist

Henk Guittart. His other teachers have included Arnaldur Arnarsson (Escola Luthier, Spain) Sonja

Prunnbauer (Hochschule für musik Freiburg) and Enno Voorhorst, with whom he attained his

Master's degree from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (Holland).

He currently teaches classical guitar at The Icelandic Academy of Arts.

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