Elements - seeking the nucleus

Hörpuhorn · 24/10/23 at 5:00 PM
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The Ancient Greeks believed that the universe was made up of four elements; earth, water, fire and air. The fifth element, the æther, was later thought to fill the void between everything, a transcendent and celestial element that existed beyond the terrestrial realm and filled the heavens. During the concert, Guja Sandholt and Heleen Vegter will try to look for and perceive the five elements in a few well chosen art songs and invite the concert guests to do the same.

Guja Sandholt and Heleen Vegter first met in 2013 during a singing competition held in an old Dutch castle in the heart of the Netherlands. Guja, participating as a singer, found herself paired with Heleen as her accompanist in the competition. While Guja may not have emerged victorious in the competition, she discovered something far more valuable in return: not only one of her closest musical collaborator but also a lifelong friend.

The concert is ideal for anyone wishing to unwind after a day at work and enjoy some relaxing moments before tackling the demands of the evening ahead.


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