The Sheep Song Committee



The Sheep Song Committee is an octet fully comprised of students at Tónlistarskólinn í Reykjavík. The group was formed in late 2015 as an entry to Paul Phoenix’s Purple Vocals choir masterclass in Iceland. In the months since, the Sheep Song Committee has performed at the 90th birthday celebration of Icelandic composer Jón Nordal, orchestrated by their school, as well as performing twice on Icelandic national radio for the same occasion. The group now works on preparation for two concerts this summer, one in Höfn and the other in Reykjavík. The members of Fjárlaganefnd are sopranos Sólveig Sigurðardóttir and Hedda Benedikz, altos Valgerður Helgadóttir and Freydís Þrastardóttir, tenors Þórhallur Auður Helgason and Sigurjón Jóhannsson and basses Einar Þór Guðmundsson and Ragnar Pétur Jóhannsson.