Guðrún Dalía Salómonsdóttir


Guðrún Dalía

Born in Reykjavik, pianist Guðrún Dalía Salómonsdóttir studied at the Reykjavik College of Music and The State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart where she graduated in 2007. She continued her studies in Paris. Amongst her teachers were Guðríður St. Sigurðardóttir, Wan Ing Ong and Thérèse Dussaut. She performs regularly as soloist, chamber musician and often accompanying singers. In 2006 Guðrún won 1. price in the Icelandic EPTA-competition. She has released two CD’s; in 2009 together with Helga Rós Indriðadóttir, soprano, Icelandic composer’s Jórunn Viðar’s complete songs and in 2014 in collaboration with KÚBUS chamber group songs by Karl Ottó Runólfsson. In 2016 she performed Mozart 21st concerto with Ungfónía youth orchestra. Guðrún works as accompanist and piano teacher at Garðabær Music School.