Halldóra Ósk Helgadóttir


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Halldóra Ósk Helgadóttir (born 1997) is a student at the Reykjavík Academy of singing and vocal arts where Harpa Harðardóttir and Hrönn Þráinsdóttir are her teachers. Halldóra has sung amongst the Hamrahlíð choirs and the choirs in Langholtskirkja, but today she is a choir-member of Graduale Nobili. The summer of 2016, Halldóra took part in the Opera Academy for young people at Harpa, and she has also participated in student productions of Die Zauberflöte, where she sang the role of second boy, and in Die Fledermaus where she sang the role of Rosalinde.

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