Anna Halldórsdóttir



Anna has had a very diverse musical career. She studied music in Akranes and in Reykjavík and was a part of different bands and musical projects at a young age. She has released 3 solo albums with her own music and won the Icelandic Music Award for her first album. She studied recording technique abroad and has since produced music and soundtracks for films and documentaries.

Anna lived and worked in New York City for 15 years and worked there on different musical projects and has also worked on documentaries from Mongolia and has collaborated with musicians from there. In 2017, Anna moved back home and soon had the opportunity to compose music and soundtrack for two shows at the National Theatre, Ég heiti Guðrún (My name is Guðrún) and Þitt þitt leichtús II (Your own theatre II). She has also participated in two shows with the international theater company Reykjavík Ensemble, Opening Ceremony and Polishing Iceland, where she composed both the music and sound.

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