Eygló Höskuldsdóttir Viborg



Eygló Höskuldsdóttir Viborg (1989 - ) is a Reykjavík based classical concert composer with an increased presence in the field of theater arts. Her way into the world of theater was through sound design and compositions for theater, and has evolved so that she performs, writes, and creates work independently and in collaboration with others. Eygló approaches all her material through the lens of music, but her work has a contact surface to both theater and fine art. Eygló‘s music tends to have a dramaturgical aspect to it by requiring the musicians to engage in the performance with theatrical elements. That is especially true for her pieces for found instrument; A quartet for permanent markers (Penphonie in #E) and Silent! where two individuals read out loud from a book and shush at one another. The gravity of the second piece is dependent to the subject of the books they are reading. The junction of music, performance, and fine art enables Eygló to work with more complex states of the human conditions, which the music alone cannot interpret. Recent projects Eygló has participated in include sound designing and composition of the children play Hvíta tígrisdýrið, script and music for the radio play Fjöldasamkoman á Gjögri and an orchestra piece Lo and behold written for Iceland Symphony Orchestra. Eygló is currently member of Tóma Rýmið and the performance art group Slembilukka. Starting the fall of 2023 Eygló will be doing an MA in Performing Arts degree in Iceland University of the arts.

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