Look at the music!

Tjarnarbíó · 27/10/23 at 6:00 PM
Tjarnarbíó · 27/10/23 at 8:00 PM
Tjarnarbíó · 29/10/23 at 6:00 PM
Tjarnarbíó · 29/10/23 at 8:00 PM

In this second installation of Look at the Music, Stefan Sand is delivering a powerful set of contemporary choir music to complement the beauty of Sign-Language poetry. In this year-long international project involving hearing and Deaf artists, you will discover visual poetry composed in Icelandic Sign Language (ÍTM) and music written to match it in beauty and scope.

Look at the Music is a project started in 2022 by a small team of passionate artists with a revolutionary ambition: to perform an inclusive concert that all can enjoy, hearing and deaf, ÍTM and Icelandic speakers.

Instead of writing music and then interpreting it into a sign-language, they decided to turn things around and start from sign-language material, composing the music in constant dialogue with the Deaf poets.

The result is a one-of-a-kind experience, where you will be led through the intricacies and beauty of icelandic Deaf culture by the hand of Elsa G. Björnsdóttir, acclaimed deaf film-maker and poet; to the accompaniment of the stunning voices of up and coming artists from LHÍ. A rare experience and possibly a new exciting frontier in the realms of contemporary music.


Stefan Sand, composer

Thomas Hammel, director

Haukur Darri Hauksson, sign-language director

Elsa G. Björnsdóttir, sign-language composer and soloist

Catherine O’Hara, choreographer

Bryndís Ósk Þ. Ingvarsdóttir, set & costume designer

Eygló Höskuldsdóttir Viborg, sound designer

Magnús Thorlacius, light designer



Gunnar Emil Ragnarsson

Orri Jónsson

Ólafur Freyr Birkisson


Guðmundur Alfreðsson

Jón Ingi Stefánsson

Oddur Smári Rafnsson


Bryndís Bergþórsdóttir

Eygló Höskuldsdóttir Viborg

Margrét Björk Daðadóttir


Ásta Sigríður Arnardóttir

Messíana Halla Kristinsdóttir

Steinunn María Þormar


composer and conductor
sign language performer
sign-language composer and soloist
association promoting sign-languages in art

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