Day of the dead - tales from Mexico

Borgartún 24 (Osteostrong) · 02/11/19 at 8:00 PM

Day of the dead “Live smiling to die happy” is a saying from Mexico. It is known all around the world how they take a day to celebrate the lives of those who have passed away. They celebrate with colors, joy and a feast. Icelanders have embraced the tradition of "The Day of the Dead" and every year a large number of people decorate themselves and enjoy stepping into a different state of mind. At the concert, Svanlaug Jóhannsdóttir discusses how the ideas of the day could be used to give life more depth and joy to our lives. Guitarist: Tómas Dan Jónsson. Various songs will be performed in Spanish, including songs made famous by Chavela Vargas, Alejandro Fernandez and Lhasa del Sela. The concert is a part of “Ljóðadagar Óperudaga”.