Music and the Brain

Nýi Salur Söngskóla Sigurðar Demetz, Ármúla 44 · 30/10/21
Nýi Salur Söngskóla Sigurðar Demetz, Ármúla 44 · 31/10/21
Nýi Salur Söngskóla Sigurðar Demetz, Ármúla 44 · 01/11/21

The electro-opera "Music and the Brain" by Helgi R. Ingvarsson and Rebecca Hurst is now performed for the first time in Iceland. The show is in English. The piece addresses the neurological and emotional effects that music can have on us. Inspired by the writings of popular neurologist Oliver Sacks, it tells the story of The Singer, whose successful career has been cut short by an accident. The resulting brain injury has caused her to lose the ability to comprehend music and perform. She is treated by The Doctor, who, as well as being a fan of The Singer, hopes that his research on this rare and interesting case will redeem him in the eyes of the academic community. As they both grapple with trying to understand the Singer's condition, questions regarding the nature of music arise. What is music? Is it neurological? Or emotional? What happens in the musical brain when things fall apart? But the Doctor is nearly out of time, his big presentation is coming up and he needs to present his "findings" no matter what.

The show is sponsored by Tónlistarsjóður (Music Fund) and is in collaboration with Reykjavik Opera Days