Elísabet og Sólborg

Elísabet and Sólborg

Salnum Kópavogi · 26. may
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)                                                                                                                Al destin che la minaccia úr MitridateFarnance wants to marry Aspasia Aspasia but she fears him. Aspasia then asks Sifare, Farnace's brother and enemy to protect her.G. Donizetti (1897-1848)                                                                                                                                  Regnava nel silenzio from Lucia di Lammermoor In this famous aria Lucia tells Alisa her maid from the legend that she has seen a ghost at the place where they are now. She describes the ghost of a girl who has been killed by a jealous man from Ravenswood family. These two families - Lammermoor och Ravenswood - are great competitors. Lucia tells her maid that her love for Edgardo is stronger than this ominous sign that the ghost is.J. Strauss (1825-1899)Mein Herr Marquis from the operetta Die FledermausEisenstein is introduced to Adele, but he is not sure who she is, because she resembles his waitress. She laughs out loud by all this. This man Marquis is funny!A. Thomas (1811-1886)Oui, pour ce soir .. Je suis Titania la blonde from the MignonPhiline goes into another role and plays ”Titania, the blonde". Just tonight, she is magic goddess, surrounded by birds, flowers, butterflies and light.G. Donizetti (1897-1848)Par le rang et par l'opulence of the opera La fille du regimentMarie is left alone and abandoned. Her lover has left to go to the army. When she is almost accepted to be alone, she hears the military music and becomes be so happy when he comes.