Look at the music! 2022

The Nordic House · 28/10/22 at 6:00 PM

Would you be surprised if we told you that the deaf and hard-of-hearing enjoy music and even write some of their own? That sign-language allows to create new types of poetry? What would the result be if we mix it with the music you know?

We are two students, one in music and one in linguistics. Together, over the summer, we constructed a project involving people from diverse backgrounds and life paths: Deaf, hard-of-hearing, hearing, CODA, sign-language speakers or not, musicians. Together we set off to invent musical concepts that are enjoyable to all, and leave no one behind.

Icelandic Sign-Language will take the center stage in this program: instead of translating lyrics originating from hearing artists, we composed music starting from sign-language works.

Discover music that is seen and felt, just as much as heard; in which voice and hands collaborate to create meaning and bring people together; discover how sign language and vocal language can complete one another and how someone else’s experience can enrich your own.

Come and take part in a unique experiment to try and explore new ways music can be made and enjoyed.



sign-language composer and soloist
sign language performer